Karen Alvarado – Delta Omicron #14

Karen Alvarado – ΔO #14
Director of Philanthropy Interests

Hello Sisters! My name is Karen Alvarado. My mother is from El Salvador and my father is from Nicaragua. I was born in San Francisco and was raised in the Bay Area 🙂 I am a single parent of a very spunky little girl. As a first generation college student, my journey has been very long but it continues. In May 2018, I received my bachelors in social work from San Francisco State. While at state, I had the opportunity to meet my sisters and I will forever be grateful to be involved in this organization. They were there for me as I struggled to juggle school, work and being a mother. I wouldn’t be here without the support of my best friends, family, sisters, teachers and previous managers/supervisors that has stood behind me since day one of this journey.  I am currently pursuing my masters in social work (MSW) with Capella University. I am on track to graduate Sept. 2020, after I hope to pursue my PPSC credential to work in the education field or possibly go into the law enforcement field.

Currently, I work in a foster family agency as a mental health rehabilitation specialist. This experience of working with foster youth has changed my perspective immensely in life. I have come to realize that there is so much to be done to help and protect our youth. This leads to my current decision of continuing to work with children. On my spare time, I have actually begun to read a lot more and I am a huge fan of word search puzzles.