Oliva O. Torres – Delta Omicron #19

Oliva O. Torres – ΔO #19
Director of Public Relations

I am a first generation Xicana who grew up in Santa Ana, CA. Growing up I struggled to learn how to read and write in English due to the lack of resources. As I continued my education my parents would stress the importance of an education. Despite that I did not go to a four year after high school like most of my peers, community college prepared me for SFSU.

I transferred to San Francisco State University and obtained a BA in English Literature with a minor in Women & Gender Studies May ‘18. After graduation I made the personal choice to stay in San Francisco to enjoy the beautiful city and be with my sisters.

I am currently working with a non profit organization and teaching children how to swim. I am in the process of researching Masters programs as I hope to obtain my Masters in Education and my teaching credential. My ultimate goal is to become a teacher and a mentor for students of color. I eventually want to give back to my community and open my own learning center, where I can provided students with tutors and a safe space to study. When I’m not busy balancing 2 jobs, I enjoy explorings SF, swimming, painting, writing poetry, and hanging out with my sisters.