Rosa Angelica Escobar – Delta Iota #12

Rosa Angelica Escobar – ΔI #12
Director of Constitutional Records

Who am I? My mother is Mexican,  and my father is Guatemalan — two Latin American Countries that border each other and yet so different. I grew up in Los Angeles in the neighborhood known as Mid-City.

My passion has been education and giving back. During the summer of my freshman year in high school, my mother spoke to me.  She said I either clean the house, find a job or go to school. I decided to take community college classes.

I went to San Francisco State University and majored in Sociology. I am a first-generation college graduated. Interesting fact: because of the community college classes I took I was a year ahead at SFSU. I graduated at the age of 20. At SFSU, I learned the value of networking because in the future the connections you make might come in handy and the people could become lifelong friends.  I am shy, but if you approach me, you will find out I am talkative and funny. I consider myself an ambivert.

I am currently attending the University of Southern California. My Masters in Social Work emphasizes in Children, Youth and Family with two tracks PPSC/CWA Credentials and Military Setting. My goal is to remove the barriers that marginalized children and their families face. I believe everyone deserves an education. For a student to learn properly, we need to take a look at their trauma. By doing so, we help the students figure out their strengths and the room for improvement. I want to be an advocate for change, especially in the school system. Maybe in the near future, I might work on a Ph.D.

Quick Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and sending myself postcards. I love swimming and playing with my dog.

I am a pretty open and approachable person.