Mayra Gallardo – Delta Omicron #21

Mayra Gallardo – ΔO #21
Director of Financial Relations & Sorority Ethics

Hello! My name is Mayra Gallardo, I am Mexican-American. I grew up in my current home town of Ontario, CA. I became a mother at age 17 and single mother when my child was one. It is honestly true, that it takes a village to raise a child. I am beyond words, in how thankful I am to my family and friends who have been part of our lives.

Now to a more recent history of myself. I am a San Francisco State University Alumni, I obtained my Bachelor’s in Biology in May 2018. I moved to San Francisco 3 years prior with my son, in order to go through this journey. Our time in the city left with incredible memories and with some not so great, yet it’s all part of life. We did meet amazing people on the way. My sisters specifically made a huge impact in my life and still continue to do so. Summer of 2018, I moved back home to Southern California. In, 2018-2019 I had the opportunity to be part of National Council for my sorority and my work with other board members and sisters will forever be cherished.

Currently, I am an EMT working for an ambulance company near Los Angeles, CA. As much as I enjoy and love my work, this is only a stepping stone into the medical field. My future plans include to continue my education towards a masters or a speciality in a hospital setting.