Sigma – Eternal Chapter

Our Sigma Chapter is dedicated to Sisters who have passed away.

May they Rest in Eternal Peace. 

Gil Alexandra Sanchez
Alpha Eta #1

Gil Alexandra Sanchez was born on 06/10/1983 in Honduras. She immigrated to the United States with her mother who suffered from Breast Cancer. Ale’s mom passed away from the horrible disease while Ale was still young. Ale was then raised by the family that her mother worked for.

Ale lived a very difficult life but never showed it. She was full of life and brightened everyone’s existence. She loved to dance and loved to make people happy. She could also hold up an argument and prove her point.

Ale began attending the University of California at Berkeley fall of 2001 where she majored in Political Science. She dreamed about becoming a lawyer. Ale pledged for Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. her sophomore year, fall 2002, and became our Sister. She is Alpha Chapter Eta Class #1.

Ale visited her home country of Honduras during that winter break. She took her mother’s ashes to Honduras where they would lay to rest. During that trip, Ale and her family were involved in a tragic accident where Ale passed away on 01/03/2003. Ale was only 19 years old.

The sisters of the Founding/Alpha Chapter spent only months getting to know Ale but will remember her forever. She has impacted our chapter in a very powerful way. Her pledge sisters had the opportunity to know her best and hold in their possession Ale’s Sigma belongings.

The sisters of the Founding/Alpha Chapter ask all sisters to honor the memory of Ale. We miss you and love you, Ale, our Honduran Princess, and our China Morena Cantinera. We will forever remember you in our Sigma Chapter, our Eternal Chapter.

Once a Sigma, Always a Sigma… You Know!

By: Rosie I. Hernandez (Alpha Gamma #10)