ELLA Puede Mentorship Program

Ella Puede is a mentorship program developed by the Alum Association that is meant to help recent grads build professional and social-emotional relationships with other sisters. We understand that the sisterhood isn’t over after graduation and that finding a job, applying for post-grad programs or even just finding your footing after undergrad brings another set of challenges and uncertainties. The mentorship program strives to give sisters the chance to connect with professionals in their own fields and give them the network and tools they need to succeed in their careers.

Who can become a Mentor/Mentee?

Any sister of Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. that has graduated and is in good standing with the sorority is able to enroll in ELLA Puede.


There is no set termination to the mentor/mentee relationship. We hope sisters can find a mentor/mentee they can truly resonate with for years to come. We ask that Mentors are able to dedicate at minimum 1-2 hours of their time each month to their Mentee for relationship building, advising, and updates.

Mentor/Mentee Matching

The mentorship program was built on emphasizing the importance of sisters empowering sisters. This means putting the success of our Mentees first and allowing them to choose what is best for them and their needs with the tools we have to offer.

To match participants, ELLA Puede utilizes Mentee-Based Mentor Selection. After enrollment, the Mentee will be sent bios of three prospective Mentors at which time they will choose a Mentor they would most like to match with.

Upon Mentor selection by the Mentee, the Mentor will be notified of the match and both Mentor/Mentee will receive each other's contact information.

Note: Mentor preference will also be taken into consideration. Please specify in the “Additional Comments” segment of the enrollment form.


Because we understand that aspirations and circumstances can change over time, and we would like every sister to receive guidance and support at any time in their lives, Ella Puede offers continuous enrollment ie. no set start/end date to enrollment.

For any specific questions, concerns or suggestions please contact us at alumassociationcommservice@gmail.com.