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Previous Events

Webinar: Careers in Transformative Counseling

Host: Aury Gutierrez-Zavala, MS, MFCC, HΔ #1 and Elsie Martinez, MS, PPS, HO #10

Alum Association Webinar


Anniversary Banquet

RSVP by April 15th for our Anniversary Banquet!


Webinar: Executive Assistant Edition

Host: Melissa Escobar BN#11


Webinar: Careers in Psychology

Host: Dr. Lisette Sanchez IB#5 and Dr. Jessica Acosta ΓΓ#7

Doctoras Lissette and Jessica Webinar


Webinar: Finance Wealth Edition

Host: Gisselle Madrid IΛ #10


Webinar: Legal & Business Edition

Host: Sara Rosales AΞ#1


Virtual Movie Night

Host: Amy Manzinas IN#6


Holiday Dinner Events in NorCal & SoCal

Host: Dr. Jovanna Radillo HA#10


Social Potluck Gathering in SF

Host: Monica Orea Duarte ΛZ#7


Mommy and Whine: A Sigma Parenting & Support Group

Hosts: Elena Ceja AB#2 and Rosie Hernandez AΓ#10

Health Insurance 101

Host: Carmelita Ramirez ΛFS #8

First Time Home Buyers Workshop

Hosts: Aurora Betancourt AΓ #1 and Yajaira Cazares BFS #1

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General Meetings

The Alum Association currently hosts meetings exclusively for Alum Association Members.

However, we are planning to organize future general meetings that will be open to all Sigma Alums. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Contact us for more details.