A Message From Our Founding Mothers

“In the 1994-1995 academic year, nine women, most of whom lived at Casa Magdalena Mora at UC Berkeley, were searching for an organization that uplifted and empowered women like ourselves.  A few of us explored other organizations and sororities but did not find the supportive environment we were searching for.  So, we decided to start our own.  The desire to give back and create something different was in each of us.  We forged a new path to create precisely the type of sisterhood that supports, uplifts and empowers Chicanas and Latinas and maintains as its philanthropy the ideal to promote higher education for future generations.” – Founding Mothers

Karina Jacobo
Founding Mother #1
Elizabeth Naty Santana Lepe Founding Mother #2

Erica Quintor – Founding Mother #3

Teresa Torres – Founding Mother #4

Michelle Amezcua – Founding Mother #5

Yovanna Monia Ochoa – Founding Mother #6

Lisa Carlsen – Founding Mother #7

Leonor Maria de los Angeles Ocon Chavez Rodriguez Sierra – Founding Mother #8

Karina Lleva – Founding Mother #9