Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc.

A Commitment That Will Last A Lifetime...

About Us


Mujeres con Cultura, Fuerza y Hermandad

Sigma Pi Alpha is a Chicana/Latina sorority founded in 1996 at the University of California, Berkeley by nine women who saw the need to create a close network of Latinas.  Their goal was to make a difference in their communities starting with addressing the needs of Chicana/Latina women.


Founding Alpha - UC Berkeley

Beta - UC Riverside

Gamma - UC Santa Cruz

Delta - San Francisco State University

Epsilon - CSU San Bernardino

Zeta - UC Davis

Eta - Sacramento State University

Theta - Sonoma State University

Iota - UC San Diego

Kappa - CSU Los Angeles

Lambda - San Jose State University

Mu - Humboldt State University

Nu - UC Irvine

Sigma - Eternal Chapter


1) To enhance Chicana/Latina heritage within the sorority. 2) To be involved within campus and our communities. 3) To promote higher education in future generations. 4) To address academics, sisterhood, and personal and individual needs. 5) To create a sisterhood in which we can communicate and express ourselves with trust and security. 6) To form a sisterhood where we can receive support and a commitment that will last a lifetime. 7) To follow a code of conduct representative to us as a sorority and as Chicana/Latina women.  


Academics & Community Service

Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a sisterhood of academic and personal support, trust, and understanding. The top priority of our organization is to promote higher education in not just Latina women but in our communities as a whole. Our pillars consist of community service, campus involvement, and sisterhood.


Once a Sigma, Always a Sigma!

The letters we wear represent our sisterhood, our commitment to each other and goals.  Although we focus on Chicana/Latina matters, we are also concerned with issues that impact women in general. Our sisterhood is made up of women with multicultural roots. We have positive energy that radiates from all over the world.

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Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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