Strength of a Goddess, Devotion of a Sister


In the Spring of 1995, nine young women of UC Berkeley individually found themselves looking for an organization that would fill a void in their life. Each one was far away from the home they knew, and only a few of them had known each other well. Each one searched different organizations on campus, yet all of the organizations that they researched fell short of what they felt they needed. Luckily, they were able to find each other, and together they decided to create an organization that would form a close network of Latinas. This network of Latinas were to make a difference in their communities, beginning with themselves.


Joining together, all nine women bonded through their process. Strongly, they stood amidst the struggles they endured on campus, and on May 2nd, 1996, Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. was founded at the University of California, Berkeley. Thanks to these nine phenomenal women our foundations were strongly set.


Our Purpose:

The letters we wear represent our sisterhood, our commitment to each other, and to our goals.

For ourselves we are a sisterhood of academic and personal support, trust, and understanding.

For our campus we sponsor informative and social activities. We support our fellow Raza organizations and network with other campus resources and groups.

For our community our priority is to promote higher education through mentoring, tutoring, scholarships and to overall support Chicana/Latina youth. However, we address other community issues as well.


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