Celebrating 25 Years of Sisterhood

Today marks 25 years of sisterhood and being Mujeres con Cultura, Fuerza y Hermandad. We are thankful to our founding mothers that they wanted to create a space to support one another as Latina women at the University of California, Berkeley. Their decision has impacted many of women and created homes away from home for many. Grateful for our sisters that have supported our internal and external expansion through the years. Today we celebrate 25 years of sisterhood, campus involvement and community service. We look forward to the next 25 years for more growth, sisterhood and to continue to be home away from home for the next generations.

Leslye Salinas AO#14

Happy 25th Anniversary Sisters!

We have traveled many places and met so many people in our lives, we have made so many choices, heard many voices in our lifetime, and yet my safest place, my favorite people, my best choice, the loveliest voice is you! Sigma sisters you are home; for 25 years you have welcomed each of us just as we are, allowing us to be the most authentic versions of ourselves. A flyer caught our eye, a sister approached us in a class, walking down Sproul, or in a hallway on our walk to class, we saw those letters, those colors, those faces that we now call love. We wear our onyx, pearl, midnight “green and gold, with pride and respect, Latinas represent, Mujeres, Cultura y Fuerza.”Thank you for 25 years of support, culture, strength, and love. It is an honor to call myself an Ella. It is a blessing to be a sister of the best sorority in the world Sigma Pi Alpha. “Only a Sigma knows true devotion!”

“A commitment that will last a lifetime!”

Happy 25th anniversary! Sigma…you know!

Elena Ceja AB#2

Happy 25th Anniversary to all our Sigma sisters. When I think back, pledging as a freshman at Berkeley in 1998, I never imagined the impact my sisterhood would have in my life and just how we would grow. Becoming a sister of Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority, Inc. has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I treasure all the memories and the relationships I have with amazing Mujeres.

Thank you to my Zeta, Theta and Lambda Founding Pledge babies for the opportunity to help expand our sisterhood. You ladies will always hold such a special place in my heart. When I see how these three chapters have grown and are thriving, I’m honored to know I helped plant the seed of our sisterhood.

Thank you to all my 25 little sisters for the connection and relationship we will always have. I love you ladies and I’m honored to have been a part of your pledge process.

Thank you to my Almighty Founding Alpha Chapter for the opportunity to become a sister, to grow as a person, and to help expand. We built such a strong foundation and then paved the way for so many incredible women to also join. Thank you for introducing me to my husband, it is because of my chapter and sisterhood that I married the love of my life and have such a beautiful family.

I’ve always said, “Only a Sigma knows true Devotion!” Sigma is a way of life for me, it’s a part of me and will always be. Thank you sisters for so many memories and for being a major part of my life. We truly are Mujeres con cultura, fuerza y hermandad.

Once a Sigma, Always a Sigma… You Know!

Rosie I. Hernandez, MSW, Alpha Gamma #10, Little One